My name is Christopher Keslar.  I work in the Information Technology department for a large university.  My current position has me looking at technology and related trends in higher education.  Doing this helps to set the direction for IT services and systems that are offered to support the University community.

I have to admit this is a really cool job.   Although I have been very technical in the past, I now have a chance to step back and look at the bigger picture.  This is something that I have always been able to do, but at time it was easy to get caught up in the weeds trying to focus on a technical challenge.

I look at everything from gadgets and accessories to new technology and how it is used. I also look for creative solutions.  This site will give me the opportunity to  talk about some of the topics I am looking into.  This could be a gadget review, a process discussion, a bit of code, or other things that  I am looking at.